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"You are the Healer"

      André's background includes formal training in counseling and psychology as well as more than two decades of intuitive work, offering private sessions as well as workshops and classes in the US and Europe.

      My focus is to provide you with the means to get insights into any area of your life which you are concerned about. It can include so-called past lives and traumas which you carry in you as part of your personal or ancestral heritage.

  Gain Access to Your own Healing Powers
  Contact Inner Guidance
  Move beyond old and limiting Beliefs and Habits
  Identify Your Life Purpose
  Awaken to Greater Aliveness

Together we can enter the Silence and Experience the Presence

      The tools I use is my journeying drum, which serves as a focus for you as well as offering the energy of the sound to connect you with the Earth and your own heartbeat. I also have access to many different realities and beings which can assist us in clarifying some of the insights gained during the journey.
As each person is unique each session is a new experience.

... In the Presence of Love all Things are Possible ...

      I have assisted individuals, couples and groups for more than 25 years in their quest for Freedom, Transformation and Self-Realization.

      I am available for individual, couple, family and group sessions as well as private parties and larger events.

My Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied you don't pay for the session.

For more info and to make an appointment call:
1-541-282-4626 or email.


Spiralwaves          Spiralwaves          Spiralwaves          Spiralwaves          Spiralwaves

This work is dedicated to the wellness and upliftment of all life and offered in the spirit of love, joy and abundance for all.

All Rights Reserved       Copyright © 2004, André Brighteyes